vox popAsking you readers to email us with your description of the typical South African man seemed like a good idea at the time. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there was a stronger response from the fairer sex. Seatbelts on, boys – this might hurt a little.

The South African man is like no other on any continent around the world. He would rather die than admit that his feelings have been hurt by women. The contradiction is that his life is centred around his heart - the heart that beats below the navel. Tender endearments for the South African male are only a means to an end. Why do we love these sometimes heartless men? Because we know they would be nothing without us.
Carol Walljee

Wives are not allowed to get tired, they can be at the top of their careers but it doesn't matter. At home, you are the wife and have to serve. Sex is your duty and Mnr. has to be obeyed. Satellite TV is the worst thing that could have happened to households. There are no conversations, no time spent with children or wives. It's only "me, myself and I". Oh yes, and the Dish TV.
Elmarie Pelser

I'm married (so have stress), we have a daughter (and worries), a house (and bond), another new car (more debt), but life's good. The typical SA man should have: Played rugby, cricket, soccer or volleyball, raced his street car, marched to parliament or the Union buildings, played in the street, swam with the sharks and voted in 1994.
Nadeem Essack

I think South African (particularly Afrikaner) males can be best described by the buffalo. “Do as I say, or else you know what you can do. They either bully their way in or out of a situation.
Sonja Krog

Three words: Lazy. Hungry. Horny!
Romaine Singh

It's not easy to generalise our men, because we have such a diverse cultural nation. We have a wonderful nation with great, strong, fun-loving, hard-working, reliable, sociable and helpful men who we could not do without. We would miss them if we were to move to any other country in the world where, in comparison to our South African males, the men are nerds.
Imelda Neate

With the current set up, especially in big cities, he's lively, jolly and enthusiastic.
Billy Mokale

They are a bit too traditional in the sense that they will use whatever value they deem to suit them best as men. They think status entitles them to as many women as they can afford and love being taken care of by women. I think it should be the other way around.
Neo Maseko

Guys who come from a religious background of some sort and are forced to go to church do everything typically until they get to high school, where all hell breaks loose. The main thing that causes us as guys to change is women. The first chick you have a crush on will always (I mean always, ten out of ten times) break your heart, you get a snazzy outfit, and she turns you down again because you walk funny in your new All Stars. You become a bad boy, making your way from school with your tie around your forehead, school blazer worn inside out and a fake tattoo on your neck and the lust interest who smashed your little delicate heart into a million pieces is all of a sudden smiling. The moral: Good guys finish last.
TP Kambule

I HAVE THE BEST SOUTH AFRICAN MAN. He is loving, kind, and will even go and fetch me a blanket so I can snuggle up to him while watching TV on these chilly nights. He loves cooking. He watches most of the sport, but is not a fanatic. If it’s a grand child’s birthday, well he will tape it, if it's an important game. This, I think, is an above average Older South African Man.
Maria Nell

He is the newest addition to the Big Five - too tough not to survive. Definitely not your average game drive.
E Potgieter

South African woman are attracted to the Jock (who isn’t), so that’s who they date. But then she gets married and everything changes. She embarks on a new mission, a lifelong journey to change the Jock she married into the Nerd she should have married. Tough challenge, but let's face it: The 'Nerd' is far superior when it comes to earning potential, parenthood and child rearing, walks on the beach, Sunday picnics, trips to the country, helping with housework and having deep meaningful conversations over a candlelit dinner. The typical South African man is a “Jock” when he needs to be and a “Nerd” when we need him to be. A Sweetie Pie: Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.
Bronwyn Grobler

The The South Africanas Homenis (SAH) takes good advantage of the generous sunshine in its habitat. The SAH enjoys copious amount of meat and is unapologetically carnivorous. A bonding ritual of this species is what is called a "braai". During this ritual the SAH can be spotted impressing his peers with his meat on fire skills. Historically, studies show that the SAH eventually chooses one South African Female (SAF) to share his existence with. However, the SAH is proving to be elusive in this regard, he appreciates the beauty of the SAF but is often confused at the diversities and characteristics of the SAF. This confusion often causes the SAH to bond with more than one SAF.
Genevieve James

Typical South African males are friendly, helpful, big-hearted, sport-loving, proud and very patriotic. On the other hand, they consume far too much alcohol, use bad language, drive recklessly, are sloppy and do not invest enough in their relationships.



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