Santa exists, people.

Just not like you’ve been told; he’s not a balding, bearded bloke with a beer belly who flies around the world and drops presents down our chimneys. The person who came up with that clearly didn’t really want it to get off the ground. The chimney thing, for starters, is just absurd. What about flats? And people on camping holidays? No, Santa is not the man in the shop window. He is whomever is making your Christmas wishes come true. So, this year, Santa is us.

He wants you to have what you want so badly that he’s got a bagful of everything. Everything besides dirty magazines, so if you had that in mind stop wanting those immediately. Those are bad for the environment. For your amusement and marketing susceptibility, each item is headlined with as cheesy a marketing pun as our cheesy minds could muster(d). Aha. Ahaha. Oh no, I think I’m going to be ill. Thankfully, our prizes sell themselves.

The deal is desperately unfair, but it’s in your favour so who cares? We offer you heaps of the best gear and you, er, you send one lousy email to with your choice. That’s it. Winners will be picked at random and the loot will be mailed to you, so please include your postal addresses in the email. I know. Send an email AND type down your address. We really are pushing our luck.

If half the pleasure of Christmas is the giving, we’re going to have as happy a time as you lot.

Flip out!
16 pairs of the ludicrously comfortable Havaiana flip-flops. (Please include shoe size: Small, Medium, Large. If Minute or Gargantuan, choose a different prize.)
Flip out

Live la VIDA Mocha
Vouchers to a week’s worth of coffee at your nearest Vida e Caffé. Look cool, drink good coffee, spend nothing. (VIP Programme partner)
Vida e caffe

Get Active
Ate a little too much of the Christmas turkey? Drink a few too many eggnogs? Spend January sweating it all off with free entry to Virgin Active gym for a month. (VIP Programme partner)
Virgin Active

Get Pampered
Because one can never have enough Swedish hot stone therapy, we’re offering 4 Virgin Spa vouchers. (VIP Programme partner)
Virgin Spa

Get Mobile
10 Mobile Starter Packs from Virgin Mobile
(Also a VIP Programme partner)

Virgin Mobile


Ultimate Santana
(5 Copies)

Dirty Skirts
On A Stellar Bender
(5 Copies)
Dirty Skirts

Simphiwe Dana
One Love Movement on Bantu Biko Street
(5 Copies)


Local is Lekker
Ja, No, Man
By Richard Poplak
(5 copies)
Ja, No man
Miss Kwa Kwa:
The Dark Side of the Braai
By Stephen Simm
(5 copies)
Miss Kwa Kwa
By Kopano Matlwa
(5 copies)
Screw it, Let’s do lunch
By David Bullard
(5 copies)
Screw it

Bigging Up the Boss
Screw It, Let’s Do It
by Richard Branson
(100 copies)
Screw it

‘Cause we have british roots

Don’t stop me now
by Jeremy clarkson
(5 copies)
Don't Stop me now

Also 7 funky designer bags
ideal for the beach or the mall.
Designer bags

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