Local indie pop band Harris Tweed’s lead singer reflects on a year in which the band has visited America, flooded the charts at home and been nominated for a SAMA award, and tells us she plans to release her evil side at age 78.

How big a deal was being nominated for the SAMA?

It’s a good feeling to know that they respect the work we've done. In the end, it's all about what 'the people' think, even if that is a cliché! It all depends on who was judging, but whichever way, it’s cool that they liked Harris Tweed.

What was the South by Southwest Festival in Texas like? (The band went in March this year)

It was too much in some ways - so much to take in, waaay too much stimulus. There were 1500 bands showcasing over 4 days in 60 venues. Everyone in the entire global music industry was there. Im so glad we went.

Right. Down to business. Have you ever been arrested?

Nope. I'm only letting go of my bad self when I'm 78!

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Can you ask me that? I suppose you can. But I can also ignore you! Ha!

Fair enough. What's your worst physical feature?

My podgy tummy.

Did you have a nickname in high school?


Ok, Boo, so tell us, is it ever ok to lie?

Sure. I mean, the truth is usually the best bet. But sometimes the truth will do more harm than good, in which case you just kinda try to avoid it, which in a sense is lying. So yeah, in that sense, Id say lying is ok.

What music do you like to make out to?

Ha! Ha! Um, the Notwist or Laura Viers or Willy Mason. It could be a fun game to put itunes on random and then kiss along.

What's the one thing you can't live without?

Theres never just one thing, but a piano is certainly high on the list.



Have you ever had an inappropriate crush on anyone?

Yeah. Those are the most fun, although I have far too much of an over-active conscience to enjoy things like that. My current boyfriend used to be an inappropriate crush, but now he's legal. (and I don't mean that he finally hit 16).

Are you concerned about global warming?

Totally. Im a quarter hippie freak. I'm eating way less meat, recycling (well technically just hoarding a lot of paper) and trying to buy green products. A drop in the ocean, I know. But, if everyone does their bit

What's your favourite movie character of all time?

Jo in 'Little Women'.

Can money buy happiness?

Probably not. When I have some I'll let you know.

If you put out a lonely hearts ad in the paper and you had 10 words how would it read?

"Fitter, happier, healthier, more productive, still kisses with saliva..."

What do you do with your time off?

I spend a lot of time at Emmarentia dam. For me, it's Jozi's saving grace. Im actually thinking of becoming a professional dog walker to earn some spare cash. Wouldn't that be hysterical?

Mildly hysterical, yes. What do you think of plastic surgery?

It depends. I can't really stomach the idea of people messing with their faces. It weirds me out. Can you imagine waking up, looking the mirror, and going, "who the hell is that!?" Plus, most of the time, people have a totally skewed self-perception and see flaws that others really don't. But I mean, if you have tiny boobs and a C-cup would make you feel better about yourself, then I wouldn't be picketing outside the lab... not that Id be picketing anyway, but you get my drift.