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Life in black and white

You’d be forgiven for thinking that doing up your home in two colours would give the impression of being an obsessive compulsive neat freak. Not if you’re clever about it, says Janice Anderssen.

Decorating home interiors in black and white can be elegant, sophisticated and have a high impact, adding a focal point of colour that gives any room a sophisticated look. Black accessories, trim, walls, fabric or furniture serve as an outline that sets off specific areas or objects.

Opposites are a perfect combination for any decorating style. The use of black and white in decorating gives a fresh, clean, and elegant look to any room. Being both bold and neutral; black and white decor transcends seasonal trends and will save you a fortune.

Floor it

Start with glossy black or white tiles, preferably high gloss black tiles with white trim, or purest white with a black trim. But if tiles are not your flooring of choice, even laminate floors can work as part of a black and white decorating scheme.


Black and white decor works with almost any colour, and the style can range from minimalist chic to art deco. Walls painted stark white serve as the perfect backdrop for black and white prints and other bold artwork. Choose neutral matting and glossy black frames, or add a punch of colour with red, gold or black mats.


When accessorising, look for pieces that are all white and/or all black, rather than those covered with a black-and-white pattern, except when choosing fabrics and soft furnishings. This will enable you to mix them up for different looks. And while you can use black and white alone, you can also use it with other accent colours to create a classic, simple style. Add colourful artwork, shiny or matte finish metal accents, and modern fabrics. When shopping for fabrics, keep an eye out for colourful prints with touches of black. Then add more black to the room with lamps, table trims, frames, and pillows.


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