What will you get up to this Valentine’s Day.
Try our Web-Poll – it may give you a couple of ideas.

What would be your perfect Valentine’s day?
A romantic dinner in Paris out with your partner
A full body massage from Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie
Weekend getaway to a beach house in Mauritius
Being covered in Swiss chocolate by your partner
Staying in bed all day with your lover
Getting a new partner!
For men:
What do you plan to do for the woman in your life this V day?
Cook her dinner at home
Take her to a beautiful restaurant
Buy her sexy underwear
Buy her roses
Buy her perfume
Buy her Swiss Choccies
X-rated activity she’ll never forget
When’s Valentine’s Day?
For women:
What do you plan to do for the man in your life this V day?
Cook him dinner at home
X-rated activity he’ll never forget
Buy him sexy underwear
Wear something so sexy he’ll forget his name
Buy him aftershave
It’s his job to do something for me!
When’s Valentine’s Day?
For Both:
How much do you plan to spend on your other this V day?
Between R10 and R100
Between R100 and R200
Between R200 and R500
Between R500 and R1000
More than R1000

This Poll is completely Anonymous and all in the name of good clean fun!
We will post the results of the poll in next months edition of Virgin Extra.
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