Getting the green light
Arthur Christopher

There has been a lot of complaining recently about the limits of travelling on a South African passport, the so-called Green Mamba, but with a bit of lateral thinking, the world is (almost) your oyster.

Here are some of the top destinations we South Africans can travel to without spending a day in an embassy queue holding our grandfather's birth certificate, eight passport photos and bank statements saying we have more money than we actually do.


It's one of the few touristy places in the world where your Rands will feel like Pounds, and South Africans are allowed three months free passage. The country was named Top Budget Destination of the Year in 2007 by the New York Times. The iron is hot; so strike.


When we think Europe, we think Paris, London and Rome. Croatia is the new Greece, but Croatia is overrun and getting expensive while Montenegro, with a spectacular coastline along the Adriatic sea, is still relatively undiscovered and just as gob-smackingly beautiful.

New Zealand

The Aussies might be notorious for their immigration policy but the Kiwis will have us for three months without a visa. It's a long haul, but New Zealand is easily one of the most spectacular countries in the world. What's more, after their dismal World Cup, this might be just the right time to go there and gloat.


It seems like everyone and his dog has been to Thailand recently, but it remains one of the cheapest and most exquisite destinations South Africans can travel to, visa-free, for up to a month. It's worth going, even if only to understand why your cousin with the dreadlocks can't stop talking about it.

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