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Paper Mate

After a decade or more of faux painting techniques such as sponging, colour washing, so on and so predictably forth, homeowners are rediscovering wallpaper. No, really, says Janice Anderssen.

“Today’s wallpapers are designed for the sophisticated individual,” says Theresa Van Wyk of Smart Art. “They want their homes to be a reflection of their personal style.” These are not your grandmother’s walls we’re talking about.

Gone are the dated country images and fussy prints – wallpaper has grown up and is quickly becoming a hot decorating trend.


How to give your walls attitude

Make a statement: Use wallpaper and custom canvas prints to create a focal point, a feature wall, or just for the hell of it. Take your own photographs to create one-of-a-kind digital images, which are transferred onto wallpaper.

When selecting wallpaper for a small space, bear in mind that larger prints make a wall appear smaller, while a smaller pattern will give the illusion of space.

Large, bold retro designs, or small, intricate patterns, the new wallpapers offer the more adventurous a ways to punch up interiors.

The personal touch

Create your own personal wallpaper and canvases. If you have a digital camera it's so easy to create your own canvas prints. You can also reproduce various other media onto canvas, including negatives, slides and digital pictures from your memory cards and CD's - the higher the quality of your photo, the bigger you can have your canvas.

To have your photo’s converted into digital wallpaper, or canvas prints, visit the website and visit the order section to upload your images.

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that every wallpaper order should come with a side order of doilies, but there’s wallpaper and there’s wallpaper. It deserves a second chance.

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