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The results are in...thank you!

Quicker than the Democratic nominations process and more interesting that Bill Clinton's love life, the results are in for our dating poll.

The survey showed that over 61% of you said that the guy should pay for the first date, and just shy of 20% believed that the costs should be shared. Surprisingly, 13% said they would like to go on a first date that costs nothing. Only 6.5% of you said that women should pick up the first date tab.

One thing that jumped out from our survey is that there are men with deep dating pockets out there but they are rare:only 5.5% of you guys would spend between R500 and R1000 on the first date. Compare this to the 10% of women that expected a man to cough this amount and you might have an explanation for the Sugar Daddy phenomenon.

Just over 11% percent of men say they would spend absolutely nothing on the first date (do these guys ever get a second date?) and 15% of women say they can pay their own way.

When it came to the fairer sex, date preparation time is the entire life lifespan of small insects: 10% take more than 2 hours and 30% take between 1 and 2 hours. How long would it take if the date was with Brad Pitt?

Unfairer sex: 26% of men said they would spend more than 30 minutes getting ready and 9% between 5 and 10 minutes.

And 13% of men claimed they were born ready.

Have you taken this months poll?

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