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Mariah Carey has titled her latest album E=MC2. Unfortunately, this is a fact and not a punch line. Apart from being hilarious - I would pay good money to ask Mariah to expound on the theory of relativity – her re-emergence is the latest in a spate of comebacks that is beginning to gnaw at my patience.

This is the trouble with all things 'retro' - it makes the mistaken assumption that anything old is cool. Often, old trends that have died out long ago ripen for a second spell in the limelight and sometimes it's even good to see them return. But some trends should stay dead and buried...

Retro, according to Wikipedia, is "a term used to describe aspects of modern culture which are consciously derivative of those trends, modes, fashions or attitudes of the recent past which have or had come to be seen as unfashionable".

Nothing, then, is more retro than a speech. Youtube has brought some of the most significant speeches in world history back into the public eye. We choose five of the best from the recent past, all of which have never seemed more relevant today.

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Think indie-folk and the mind leaps to the corner of a bar at a poetry evening being lectured on the essentiality of the genre by a poncho-wearing art history student named Astrid. But don't let Astrid ruin it for you. Indie-folk is not just about sitting in a tree house wearing an Icelandic shepherd's jersey writing songs about baking organic carrot cake.
For as long as there has been fashion there have been fashion disasters. Most boo-boos can be put down to experimenting with the new, but some trends are so appalling that no amount of time and perspective will ever, ever justify them. We chose a few clangers.
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The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is artist and director Julian Schnabel's third film, following the critically acclaimed Basquiat and Before Night Falls. This time Schnabel tackles the story of Jean-Dominique Bauby (Mathieu Amalric), editor of French Elle magazine in the 90s, who suffers a stroke that paralyzed him from head to toe.

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There's something soft and elegantly proud about the clean lines of the Art Deco period - which belie the extraordinarily difficult times in which it was born. Leonie Joubert wonders whether our faltering economy might return us to the austere consumption levels of war-ravaged Europe. If nothing else, it'll shrink our environmental footprint.

Never before has the term 'global economy' been more relevant. Reverberations from booms and shrapnel from blasts are felt the world over. South Africa is as tied up in it as anyone, notes David Mayfield.This has become even more obvious over the past few months. Here in South Africa, conditions can deteriorate sharply as critical components of the economy are either

Virgin Money May
Virgin Money May

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