Dan the Man
There is a point in a Dan Patlansky concert when things get ridiculous. It is usually when, mid-riff, he thrusts his guitar forward and plays it like a machine gun, then swings it over his head and plays behind his back. Acrobatics aside, Patlansky is an extraordinary Blues guitarist, with a voice that sounds as if it’s been tied to the back of a car and dragged down a gravel highway. In short, he’s the real thing; a Hoochie-coochie man, and everybody should know his name.

What is the blues to you?
Blues to me is the most free and rewarding style of music out there. Because of its simple structure it creates a blank canvas to be yourself when playing. Soul is the most important factor when playing. We never play a song the same way twice, it’s different every night. And when it comes to writing, I feel I can take the blues in any direction.

How did you refine your gravely voice?
I think many years of smoking is a good reason for my voice, but I do want to quit one of these days.

Your tour van must have a name by now?

Well I’ve only had this Tour Van since Feb 2008. And believe it or not we just call it the Van. Boring I know.

The showman in you comes out about halfway through the gig. Is that once you're warmed up?
I think due to the nature of the music, some nights from the first notes I play I can get into it fully, and other nights it takes a few songs to get there. Some nights you feel it more than others. I think how the crowd reacts is a huge factor too.

How have you been received in the States?
The States was unbelievable, it took me a while to start building up a following, but after a few weeks it slowly started happening, Katrina screwed it all up though. Bitch!

What does the SA blues scene need most?
It's a fast growing scene, from Students to 70 year olds. I think more Blues based bands would really make it happen. So people stop being afraid of the word BLUES, and come see for themselves

Is there anyone else local we should look out for?
Burton Naidoo is a Jazz cat from Durban, he’s great. There are a few Blues type bands out there in most cities.

Any plans for a new album?
Most definitely, at the moment we are looking for sponsors to fund the next album, but I’m hoping early next. I’ve already got a full album worth of new material. Can’t wait.

And overseas ambitions?
At the moment that’s first prize for me. European tour would be wonderful. It’s just a tough scene to crack without the right connections. But I won’t stop trying.

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