People laugh at Tshepo Mogale. A lot. Only that's his job, so he doesn't get upset. It's when they stop laughing that he starts to worry. Now well into a career as a stand up-comic and with a face you will probably recognise from The Pure Monate Show, Mogale is becoming that which he has so ardently tried to avoid: The poor guy is getting famous.

Have you ever died a slow death on stage?
Many times. I've had deaths where I was like a plane that didn't even take off and deaths where I ran out of fuel mid flight. Then you hear the engines fail and it's a nose dive to the ground.

What is the best thing about being considered funny?
You can do the dumbest things and people will say: “No, leave him, he's a comedian”. And girls like guys that make them laugh, so it works nicely for me.

And the worst?
Suckers that come to me and say: “Eksê can you gooi me with just one”. It's really annoying. When we did the Pure Monate Show on TV I always had people that came to me in some sort of character. The thing is; people always want to approach you and make some sort of impression that will make you remember them but most of it is annoying. Why can't we just be normal? Like I have some chick who said to me: “Every time I see you I'm going to laugh”. Can you imagine how annoying that is?

Who is the country's best comedian?
That is a difficult one to answer but I will tell you who cracks me up. There's a comedian called Roni Modimola, I love his stand up, he really finishes me.

You've done TV shows. Are you any good?
Not really, I think I've been there to fill in quotas: A show with a bunch of white people need a black dude, a bunch of girls need a guy, ugly guys need a good looking guy etc.

If you were offered the presidency, would you take it?
Oh hell yeah. In fact one of my dreams is to be the mayor of Joburg or Bloemfontein. The thing is though, if you're president, I reckon where ever you are you're always under pressure to make a speech, you can't just chill.

What is the most you've ever spent on one thing?
A full tank of petrol last week.

What would you save from your burning house?
Probably my laptop.

Which superpower would you choose and why?
Well Brazil is a football superpower isn't it? So I'll choose them. Good football and hot chicks, need I say more?

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