Travel Poll Results

Last month's Travel Poll results are in, and the results range from strange to faintly disturbing.

A brave 57% of you thought the best thing to do with airline food was to gobble it down, only half that number said they would refuse it and eat what they brought on board instead. This might be highly geeky, but considering the difficulty to discern between chicken, beef and a bit of carrot in airline meals, it is also probably wise.

He might be a Nobel Prize winning author, but according to our readers, J.M. Coetzee is 40% less desirable as a neighbour on the aeroplane than an empty seat. It will console Coetzee slightly that Madiba himself only got 19% of the votes, which means that 81% of us would rather watch Ice Age II on a four by three inch screen than meet the former president.

Other categories saw "a balmy, chilled island far away" voted the preferred ideal overseas holiday, with "anywhere you won't find Robert Mugabe buying another $10 million villa" coming in a surprisingly low fourth out of six. Bob can rest in the knowledge that voters were clearly deluded - "anywhere where the men are hot and women are sexy" came in last with 4%.

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