Flight of the Conchords

New Zealand is more famous for sheep than comedy, so it took a while for Kiwi duo Jermain Clement and Bret McKenzie to find a home for their musical-comedy Flight of The Conchords on US television. When they did, it wasn’t long before their show had become an alternative hit. Two series and a world tour later and with their youtube views in the millions, we thought it only right to award them with their highest honour yet: a mini-feature in Extra Virgin.


Bret and Jermaine discuss the process of getting into character for the show, in which they play themselves.


Hiphopopottamus vs the Rhymenosceros

Cornered by two thugs, Jermaine’s Hiphopopotamus and Bret’s Rhymenoceros rap themselves out of trouble. Almost.


Ladies of the World

The pair ride around on rollerskates in their first ever music video, giving it up for all the ladies.


Business Time

Wednesday night. After brushing his teeth and stripping down to his socks Jermaine is ready for business.


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