Startling results from secret spending survey

An online survey by Virgin Money to find out just how many of us hide purchases from our significant others has revealed startling results.

The survey showed that 80% of respondents admitted to hiding purchases from a spouse or partner while 4% claimed that their other half left them once they found out about the sneaky spending.

When quizzed about the nature of the covert shopping, there is a sharp difference between the sexes.

The Virgin Money survey revealed that when it came to the fairer sex, 76% said their secret shopping was for shoes and clothes, 11% said it was for jewellery, 4% for handbags, 4% naughty bedroom toys and 3% for perfume.

And 2% said they bought for cars and apartments without their other half knowing!

True to form, 41% of men said that their untold purchases were on technology like big screen TV’s, (they didn’t say how they managed to watch a TV in secret), while 19% said it was spent on clothes, 16% claimed sporting goods and 9% admitted to adults magazines and movies.

Staggering, 9% owned up to buying cars and apartments without telling their other while 6% bought gifts for the mistresses according to the Virgin Money survey.

When it came to how much was spent on these purchases, 63% of the purchases were for less than R500, 19% spent between R500 and R1000, 10% between R1000 and R3000, 5% between R3000 and R7000 and 1% between R7000 and R10 000.

And a rich 2% spent more than R10 000.

When came to fessing up, 65% of respondents in the Virgin Money survey said that they later confessed to the clandestine buys but got varied reactions.

62% of respondents said their other half’s reaction was mild annoyance and 22% laughed it off. Only 2% said their partners were incandescent with rage while 10% reported that there partners were un-amused but accepting.

An unlucky 4% of people claimed that there partners had left them after owning up.

Of those who have yet to confess, 65% said they still plan to.

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