Spring Bling

September marks the arrival of spring, which means it’s time to look around your rooms and toss out all the dark, dated colours and drab accessories and replace them with something shiny.

Our top tips to add bling to your home:

Add plenty of glitz with sequined or silver-beaded cushions. And if you can’t find such things – make them yourself. It is also worth adding some colour to your rooms using fabric. The choice of home decorating fabrics available has never been better, so it is easy to mix and match textures and styles or designs.

Let the light shine in. With spring in the air you want to maximise on natural lighting and fresh, spring breezes. Your local oriental plaza will stock gold-trimmed, sheer sari fabric, which can be used to replace faded window treatments. Soft drapes or a sheer window shade will also do the trick. Tie drapes back with thin strands of chain that will tinkle in the breeze.

Refresh your life and your home by getting rid of all the clutter that’s been lying around during your winter hibernation. If this sounds too overwhelming, take it room-by-room, one week at a time until everything is sorted.

A quick and easy way to instantly update a room is to give the walls a fresh coat of paint in a new colour. Of course, you’ll want to choose a colour that works with your current furnishings, but a visit to your Prominent Paints Decorating Centre should give you plenty of options.

Update light fixtures with trendy new designs from Eurolux or Radiant Lighting, both of which stock a variety of uplights, downlights, pendants, chandeliers, spotlights, wall lights, and floor or table lamps.

With a little imagination, newly painted walls, accessories with glitter and glitz, and gorgeous fabric, you can add a touch of spring and update the look of any home.

For more, visit www.home-dzine.co.za.

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