1) How many times a year do you travel overseas?
Not even once a year
Once or twice a year
Two to five times a year
Five to 10 times a year
More than 10 times a year
2) Who would you like to discover you're sitting next to?
A SA hottie like Ryk Neethling or Roxy Louw
A braniac like Stephen Hawking
Nelson Mandela
Jacob Zuma
A prize wining author like JM Coetzee
An empty seat!
3) The worst person to sit next to on a long haul flight is:
A bloater like Pavarotti
Someone with dog breath
A snorer
Jacob Zuma
Someone with verbal diarrhoea
Someone with traditional diarrhoea
4) What's the best thing to do with airline food?
Gobble it down
Refuse it and eat what you brought on board
Tell the stewardess that you'd would like to see her eat it
Send it to a CSI lab because that don't look like chicken or beef to me
Film it and send it to Funniest Videos
5) What's your ideal overseas holiday?
A balmy, chilled island far away
Sightseeing in a major city like New York
Action adventure with lots a bungee jumping and quad biking
Anywhere where the men are hot/women are sexy
Anywhere where the clothes and computers cost half what they do here
Anywhere you won't find Robert Mugabe buying another $10m villa