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Men on Women
- Everybody remembers their first kiss. Except me. I think I’ve blocked it out, because the vague and fleeting flashbacks I’ve had over the years – which always play out like hazy soap opera dream sequences – recall just three things: tongue of a baby eagle, braces, a goatee of saliva.

But no matter how awkward that first communion is, it is nothing compared to what comes next: sweaty fumblings in the back of a car, a first date that ends early when you ask her to marry you, the ‘stormy first relationship’ that somehow always involves one party threatening to throw themselves in front of a vehicle.

There are more than enough golden moments to make it all worthwhile, though a particularly weathered and cynical friend of mine refers to these moments as being “sandwiched between the crushing disappointments.” I should really visit him more often. Maybe I should bring biscuits. Nothing like a few chocolate digestives to solve a profound existential crisis.


Whether you are in a fairytale relationship or have a history with more blood and gore than a Wes Craven film, we all agree on something: when it works, there's nothing like it. So, being a man who loves women writing an editorial about men and women for an issue devoted to women, I will begin the shout outs: Big up to the fairer sex.
Firstly, a few apologies. Sorry for leaving our towels on the floor, for leaving the toilet seat up (or down – which is it again?), for not liking Dirty Dancing, for not looking like the lovechild of George Clooney and Johnny Depp. We tried to cut out hair like Johnny Depp but it just made us look like 14-year-old girls. We're sorry.

This month, we've made a compilation of clips from the world's top male comedians talking about women, which may seem biased and, well, it sort of is. It is also very funny. Elsewhere, Leonie Joubert is in Denmark thinking about South American forests, Janice Anderssen finds a group of DIY Divas rubbishing the notion that home improvement is a man's game. We also choose South Africa's five most luxurious spas and look at the world of female musicians in numbers.
All of which is aimed to pay tribute to all you women – although the metrosexuals among the men will probably enjoy idea of a Norwegian mud health bath as much as anyone.

Matthew Freemantle


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