Extra Virgin - August


Girl Talk
- Anthony Pascoe, founder of satirical spoof news site Hayibo.com, talks about all the important things in life. In other words – Kathy Bates, dressing like a girl, and Cape Agulhas's talent.

Being a massive celebrity must mean you are constantly mobbed by Hollywood actresses. Discuss.

It's a tough gig being on the C-list. Breakfast with Kathy Bates. Brunch, lunch, snacks and supper with Roseanne. But you gotta start somewhere.

What's a typical Cape Town girl like?
Cold, like their sea.

And Durban?
Hot, like their sea

What about Joburg?
Dry, like their sea

And Cape Agulhas?
Going south.

What do women want?
Somebody who knows how to sort the laundry.

Have you ever used a chat up line and how did it go?
Never. I just stand at the bar and wait for girls to approach me. My teens and twenties were barren years.

What is the question you are most asked by women?
Why are you just standing here at the bar staring at my breasts?

Who taught you the most about women?
Cosmopolitan. And Eric, my mate in standard five whose parents let him watch Last Tango in Paris.

And which woman taught you the most about yourself?
My wife, Melissa. She helped me progress beyond the caveman stage.

And which woman did you teach most about the woman who taught you the most about yourself?
I'll save that kind of teaching till my wife and I are old and seemingly wise.

Have you ever dressed like a woman?
I dress like (Golden Girl) Bea Arthur almost every day.

Man, do you feel like a woman?

Yes, almost as much as I feel like a beer.

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