Extra Virgin - August


We could have given you a very serious list of record breaking figures in the world of female pop music, but where would be the fun in that? So we’ve made a few up as well. We will be back with very highbrow financial opinion next month.

$2.4 million
The cost of the special effects for What's It Gonna Be? by Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson, directed by Hype Williams, a record. Never before or since has such a sum of money been spent on a video I am willing to wager a limb you don't remember.

215 000 000
The number of albums Mariah Carey has sold worldwide, despite trying her very best to hit notes only audible to dogs and possibly whales.


The nymber of countries in which the Spice Girls 1996 hit 'Wannabe' went to number one. It remains the best-selling single ever by a female group, but even that didn't have the legs to carry Mel B into a successful solo career.

35 million
The number of albums Gloria Estefan has sold worldwide, making her the most successful female Latin singer. We just didn't want you to go on with your day without that piece of information.

The age at which we estimate Madonna will release her 49th album entitled Geriatrixx, which will be downloaded immediately into everyone's brain purely by osmosis.

At least 13 Weeks
The length of time it would take this writer to get bored if left with a hammer in a warehouse full of Celine Dion albums.


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