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blinddateThe Blindest Blind Dates

Looking for love online can be a perilous process. For every genuinely interested dater there is the obese 50-year-old with corn flakes in his beard masquerading as a clean-shaven university graduate. So for every success story there is one about how it all went horribly, hilariously wrong. We trawled one site, www.plentymorefish.com and found a few pearls.

A Sweet Fishy wrote:

The creepiest part of his messages was when he started describing what he hoped to see me in. It was nothing sexy, but definitely stuff that a little girl would wear, like a hat with a pom-pom on it. To top it all off he wrote everything in baby talk, saying I looked so “cutesy-wutesy”.

Kayla35 wrote:

My weirdest was the guy who asked me what my blood type was…he needed a kidney.

XXLoraXX wrote:

I met a guy once who drove about three hours to meet me and thought that justified bringing the engagement ring to the first date. Another guy took me to the grocery store to buy cans of soup to go to my house for dinner and gave me a pack of cigarettes as a gift.

Tallandsassy30 wrote:

I'm very gullible. I talked to a guy for a month and a half online and he seemed very nice but always had an excuse for not having a picture. He claimed he was 6'2" and a manager at Toys R Us and that he was close to his family. Everyday it seemed as though some girl was calling him a “hottie” at the store where he worked. My friend and I took off one day to surprise him. He was actually about 5'7" (I’m 5'10"), was soaking with sweat and was a stock boy at Toys R Us. He was wearing sweat pants and a tank top covered in cat hair. He was the twin brother to the screamer on the movie Wrong Turn.

KrissiNJ72 wrote:

I felt sorry for this guy after he messaged me telling me how this woman broke his heart. He sounded like he was really in love with her, etc. I made the mistake of not listening to the warning signs and met him at the bus station to meet for coffee and chat. When he showed up he was dressed like he just crawled out of the gutter, he was filthy! His teeth looked like he chewed glass for a living and the first words out of his mouth were "Do you think we should get a hotel room or do you mind doing it outside?" I told him I needed to make a phone call and jumped on a bus back home.

Charlie_girl wrote:

I met one guy who was really 25-30 years older than he claimed. He took off his bottle-lenses to look at me. With them off, I realized that he couldn't really see me at all! He could only read the menu with his one "good eye", with his face within a hair's width from the printed matter and he lowered his head to the table in order to do that. He wore a loose fitting toupee that didn't match his real hair, and was about 6 inches shorter than the 6'1" he claimed to have been. And he had to leave before it got dark.

Tanner wrote:

One of my all time favourites (whom I never met) wrote me a note asking me to move to Florida to join his "sister wives" group. His goal was too marry 100 wives, and he requested that I bring along my mother, sisters, and any friends that wanted to be part of the "family." I had to save that one for my dating hall of shame.

Carlisleman wrote:

My dates:

4 alcoholics.
1 paranoid.
1 turned up on date with four dogs and fought with them the whole date.
1 wanted marriage on the first date
1 turned up in dirty ripped clothes
1 walked three paces behind me the whole date
1 turned up and first stop was chemist for anti-depressants then pub for six pints of cider





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