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Romance in an en-suite bedroom can be easy to kill. Put it this way: Teeth flossing is not foreplay. But, as Janice Anderssen points out, there are several ways the design of a bedroom can set the mood for business time.

You can spice up your love life with a new bedroom. Decorate in your favourite colours and add a splash of contrast here and there with bold accessories, cushions, bedding, or even add wallpaper.

Setting the mood
A central chandelier or ceiling pendant is alright for getting dressed and undressed, but bedside lamps or wall sconces set the mood. If you like to start the evening off with a little light reading, add a dimmer switch to bedside lighting. It’s a fairly easy DIY project that isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Excite the senses
Smell also plays an important role in creating the right mood and atmosphere in a bedroom. This is a haven, a retreat from the outside world, a place where worries are best left outside the door. A touch of aromatherapy does wonders for revitalising the libido. Candles, fresh flowers and potpourri can all be used to excite the senses.

A matter of privacy
Your choice of window treatment for a bedroom is also important to the feel of a room. Some prefer curtains and heavy drapes, other prefer blinds. For complete privacy in the evening and late morning rising you could consider a combination of both. Not only will a layered treatment of blinds and curtains provide you with complete privacy, they will also block out noise and early morning sunlight - perfect after a night of romancing.

Keep it on the light side
In a smaller bedroom, try to keep furniture as light as possible. A dark bedroom suite can be refreshed with a couple of coats of paint to create a bedroom that is light and airy, yet still offers a touch of romance.

Finishing touches
No decor scheme would be complete without a few accessories - but don’t overdo it. Too many accessories will only serve to make the room appear cluttered. Once you have completed the decorating, only buy accessories in complementary or accent colours that are needed to add that finishing touch. A vase or two, soft, plump cushions, photo frames, candle holders and a few trinkets are all you need.





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