You entered in your droves. You waited by the phone. For the following names, the phone rang and you won R2500. Chin up now, the rest of you, chin up: Not being the winner doesn't make you a loser. Let's applaud the fortunate few (and grin jealously).

Re-issue competition winners of R2500 each:

Mrs Wilna Meyer
Mr Stephen McClean
Mr Gossard
Mr Sissing
Mr Gideon Jacobs
Mr Tree
Miss Victoria Kanaris
Mr Cragg
Mr Tristian Parsons
Mr Marius Jordan
Mr Calitz
Mr Blomerus
Miss Wainwright
Mrs Wolmarans
Mrs Oberholzer
Mr Masoeu
Mrs Macartney
Mr Moosa
Miss Marchbank
Mr Farrow
Mrs Sonja Heart
Mr Alex Burns
Miss Michelle Van Der Merwe
Mr Mojalefa Mosito
Miss Bronwyn Grobler  

Like a younger, fitter Santa, we've got round to more houses with a bigger sack this Christmas. Names who missed out on prizes in the re-issue competition the first time were thrown back into a hat and we have two more winners. Which proves that if you lose, we'll practically force you to win. The two new winners are:

Mr Teddy Ndlazi won a weekend away to Ulusaba
Sir Richard Branson's Private Game Reserve. The prize includes 2 nights accommodation, all meals and game drives.

Stewart Esterhuizen and his wife will be flying Virgin Atlantic Upper Class to London, Heathrow.
They will be taken by chauffeur to the St Martins Lane Hotel for two nights of luxury accommodation.

All of this while Nicholas White of Fourways Gardens, December's big winner, is putt-putting into the sunset on a brand new, bright red, Vespa LX150cc. It's a hard life, eh?




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