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For years you have nodded suspiciously when asked whether you’re familiar with Feng Shui. Now, courtesy of home expert Janice Anderssen, you will finally be able to answer with authority.

How can I add a touch of the Orient to my living spaces?

Use red and black in your decorating colour scheme. In the Orient the look is bright, vibrant colours and ornate pieces in an uncluttered setting. These colours are very symbolic with black representing yin (female) and rebirth; and red, yang (male) a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Materials of strongly contrasting finish and texture is a strong way of balancing opposites. Roughly crafted pieces against lacquered cabinets, textured mats on highly polished hardwood or laminate floors. Whatever design elements used in the scheme, strive for simplicity.

What is Feng Shui?

The literal translation of Feng Shui means "Wind-Water". The Chinese use Feng Shui to organise their lives - and their homes - in accordance with a Ba Gua or diagram. A Ba Gua is one of the tools used to determine the best arrangement of furniture to increase health, wealth, fame and happiness. Yin and Yang and Feng Shui are the basics in both Japanese and Chinese interiors, balancing dark and light, soft and hard to create a smooth balance. (www.traditionalfengshui.co.za)

How do you go about creating a Zen home?

As the world looks at ways of using organic rather than synthetic materials, architecture and design has looked at other cultures to see how materials are used. In Oriental design the emphasis is on natural materials such as clay, paper, timber, bamboo and stone. Homes are built to incorporate as much natural light, water and greenery as possible.

Janice Anderssen




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