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Self Love
Few things have forced us all into small (often sweaty) pubs together, or seen us squeeze into the same small (often sweaty) shirts as sport. Since the birth of the Rainbow Nation, we have excelled beyond our wildest dreams. Sadly the internet, which everyone seems to be very excited about, had not taken the trouble to host videos of all those achievements. But there are a few out there.

Rugby World Cup, 1995

Madiba, Francois and the drop goal. Joost’s tackle on Jonah. Me, watching at my grandmother’s house of all places, rolling on the floor like a dog with fleas. Epic, in a word.

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Sydney Olympics, 2000

Roland, Lyndon, Ryk and Darian. The 4X100m freestyle relay. A gutted Michael Phelps. Four South African swimmers beating their chests and in the background the faint but unmistakable ‘parp-parp’ of a vuvuzela.

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Six Love

Herschelle Gibbs becomes the first man to hit six sixes in a World Cup, smashing the hapless Netherlands all-rounder Dan van Bunge all over Warner Park. What is less known is that his feat earned $1m for Habitat for Humanity.

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Soweto Gospel Choir

Above all the fuss over soccer, rugby and cricket is my choice for the national pastime - singing. And nobody expresses the joy of being South African better than the Soweto Gospel Choir, now the proud owners of two Grammys. Here, a few of the band members sing Happy Birthday to their hero.

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Umoja Goes Global

South African musical Umoja was never going to stay at home for long. It has been a hit on both the West End and Broadway, and seems destined for Lion King-sized fame.Get your headphones on, turn it up loud, and try not to tap your foot. I dare you.

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