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Me Time

Never before have we been more concerned with ‘What’s Hot’ and ‘What’s Not’. Whatever happened to ‘Anything Goes’? asks Janice Anderssen.

We as South Africans don’t have a great deal to look back on as far as home décor is concerned. Whilst the rest of the world was enjoying Arne Jacobsen, Andy Warhol and Le Corbusier, we were waiting for the first television programme to appear on our puny black and white screens.

My own personal decorating style is based on a single principle: I use it if I like it. Why should we be dictated to about how to decorate our living spaces? It is supposed to be a personal choice and one that we alone have to live with.

So here’s to the revival of impulse and introducing nostalgic pieces from all over the world.

Loud & proud

If you love bright, chaotic colour, why not decorate your space with a retro Pop Art theme. It’s all about personal expression after all. These days you can buy anything on the Internet; some local suppliers even offer fairly pop-arty merchandise.


Less is more

If you love clean lines and minimalist design then you’ll love Danish original or Scandinavian contemporary bent plywood.

The usual unusual

You’ll find the usual unusual mix of furniture from the world’s leading designers such as Kartell, B&B Italia, and Moroso at www.twiice.com.


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