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Off the Wall
If the economic climate is forcing you to reconsider things like koi ponds, loft conversions and guest cottages in the garden, Janice Anderssen has some ideas about how to make a big difference to your home with a small budget.


If you have an existential problem with wallpaper, or simply dislike it a bit, try wall decals (for the ignoramus, like your editor, those are sort of stickers), which offer unbelievable designs that you can apply wherever you’d like to add detail. Single decals create a touch of interest, or group several designs together to form a design statement. There really is no limit to how berserk you can go with this: apply one-of-a-kind designs to fridges, cabinets, mirrors, or stock up on iron-on transfers for cushions and curtains.

If you thought mosaic was just small squares arranged in a psychedelic pattern, think again. Bold geometric designs, larger-than-life floral patterns and animal prints are just some of the ways to pimp up mosaics. Think out of the box – and definitely the bathroom – and put the latest trend on the walls in every room in your home.

If you have neighbours who drive you mad with loud music and late night conversations, block them out with bold, bright rugs on the floor.

You can do more than you think armed with just a stencil and a couple of tins of Rust-Oleum spray paint, and no, that doesn’t include spray-painting a silhouette of something rude on the noisy neighbour’s car. Visit the site for more.

For more ideas and inspiration on bold design for your home, visit www.Home-Dzine.co.za.




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