Spring in your step edition

Editorial - Matthew Freemantle

Winter is over and everywhere we are crawling out of hibernation, pale and shivering like naked Greenlanders, blinking into the pale sun.

It’s not been that bad, has it? It is never that bad. In fact, our winters are a bit soft. If the four seasons were siblings, Summer would be the strapping older brother who constantly had the pasty Winter in a headlock while Autumn and Spring looked at each other unsure whether to get involved.

A few years ago I resolved to avoid winter at all costs, which meant spending a few months of each year in London. Fine, until I realized that summer in London takes place between 8am and 11am on the 21st of June, and that you’re likely to miss it entirely if you have a big night on the 20th.

It is not fair to be disparaging about the English summer, as much as that might sound like an oxymoron. But we should certainly celebrate our own, which now stretches out before us like a red carpet rolled into next April.


Spring is hereThis month, we investigate the cancer healing properties of the rosy periwinkle plant in Madagascar and introduce a new and highly amusing writer in our home section, Miranda Sherry. Her first assignment is to combat the evils of ‘man-clutter’.

There is also a look at District 9, the hotly anticipated extra terrestrial film directed by South African Neill Blomkamp and produced by Peter Jackson and a Q&A with Dylan Culhane, editor of the newly launched and long awaited SA edition of Vice Magazine.

What we’re not going to do is wet your appetite for next month’s London marathon competition, because we’re not allowed to talk about that yet. So pretend you never heard that.

Matthew Freemantle



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