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With a circulation of over 1 million worldwide and the reputation as the last word in cool, Vice Magazine has arrived in South Africa. With a bullet. We spoke to Editor Dylan Culhane.

When did Vice decide to launch in SA?

We’ve been negotiating for the last two years, but the magazine only launched in July this year.

What can we expect from the mag?

Much the same as what you’ve come to expect from VICE I guess, though we’ll obviously focus more on South African / African content. Being the world leader in murder, gang violence, rape, HIV, infanticide and road death makes the rainbow nation fertile ground for some sardonic investigation.

What do young South Africans need to be asking themselves right now?

Am I harbouring the plague?

What are the editor's own vices?

Unpublishable. (Ed)

What is the least amusing thing you’ve heard recently?

The local taxi industry threatening to plunge the country into civil war unless they're given full control of the imminent national Bus Rapid Transport system.

What does SA need more of?
Bullet-proof vests.

And less of?
Guns and murderers.

What should we be listening to?
Blk Jks, Cortina Whiplash, Die Antwoord, ReeBurth, Black Hotels, Balthazar, Wolraad Woltemade, Inge Beckman and Rattex.

And what should we be reading?
This is the part where I get to plug VICE MAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA, right?

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