Spring in your step edition

Film - Arthur Christopher

Illegal Aliens
District 9, Peter Jackson’s $30 million alien blockbuster directed by local boy Neill Blomkamp and set in Johannesburg brings South African film back into the spotlight this Spring.

Jackson originally wanted Blomkamp to direct Halo, a film based on the popular video game. That project was scuppered by internal disputes at the production companies involved, so Jackson gave Blomkamp a chance to adapt his short film Alive in Joburg into a feature.

District 9 is a cordoned off area outside Johannesburg that houses aliens who have mistakenly landed on earth. Ill treated by the local police and scorned by the public, the situation soon bubbles over.

To see the official trailer for the film, click here

Alive in Joburg stars South African Sharlto Copely as Wikus van der Merwe, who kept the lead role for the big money adaptation.

Watch the short film here


District 9
Where better to go for a preview of District 9 itself than Canadian independent TV channel Your Geek News. Exclusive clips from the film and interviews with Jackson, Blomkamp and Copely are available here

Without any big names in the cast, Blomkamp and co. have launched an ingenious viral campaign, the lion’s share of which is posted on the film’s interactive website.




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