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Extra Virgin - April 2010
HomeFive vida e caffé barristers were given the opportunity to head over to London to open a branch on the famous Regent Street.

The lucky five - Msizi, Sele, Thabo, Vuyani and the 20 year old Sikilela - were the pick of 500 staff members.

Siki has since returned home. His time in the UK enabled him to build himself a house, with a spare room that he can now rent out.

All five barristers arrived in London slightly bewildered. They lived in Hammersmith, commuted to Regent Street on the Piccadilly line and worked their butts off setting up vida e caffé. For some of these guys, leaving Cape Town was a first, never mind South Africa.

They pulled together as an exceptional team and outperformed themselves.


Our staff create the store vibe, this along with the consistently great espresso based caffé which has become our signature; without the guys it would not be vida e caffé.

The entire team in London has become a family and the memories will live forever; soccer in Hyde Park with a BLUR concert jamming in the background; a trip on the London Eye; dinners and general out & about events.

vida e caffé is extremely proud of the guys.

HomePride 'n Purpose is Ulusaba’s community footprint, and is committed to the upliftment of disadvantaged communities living adjacent to the game reserve.

The charity has been set up by members of the Ulusaba family and all our running expenses are covered by Virgin Unite and Virgin Limited Edition. This means that 100% of donations go directly toward much needed projects.

Upliftment is achieved both through the provision of basic needs, and through empowering communities with sustainable development. Provision of basic needs such as access to food, water, and health services is seen as vital, as without these resources, sustainable development is not possible. Sustainable development projects involve helping people to help themselves through education, social and economic empowerment.

One such project we are involved in is our Entrepreneur Scheme, which is aimed at supporting, coaching and developing individuals or groups within the community who have a desire and commitment to set up and run their own business.

So meet Cornelius Maluka who has successfully started his own bead and wire company – Izandla Curious Arts.

Cornelius is 25 years and from the village of Metsi. Metsi lies just west of Ulusaba in rural Mpumalanga, South Africa. Cornelius is supporting his wife and young child as well as 7 other family members. He has taught himself to create his products through many hours of practice.

His dream is to see his business grow so that he can offer employment to other community members which will generate income for more families within a community where paid work is scarce.


Pride ‘n Purpose has helped Cornelius to start his business with a starter loan – 6 months interest free as well as 6 months of mentorship in setting up his business plan. Cornelius managed to pay off this loan interest free from the sales of his products. His portfolio is developing constantly and with his broadening customer portfolio – his dream will soon be coming true!