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Extra Virgin -  February 2010
We're all gearing up for a big year, but for a handful of our compatriots this year could be the biggest of their respective lives. We take a look at a few such South Africans.
Blk Jks Blk Jks
That a South African band can feature on Rolling Stone magazine's 'Artists to Watch 2009' and still be relatively unknown in South Africa is an indictment, and quite possibly the reason this Soweto four-piece took their psychedelic prog-rock overseas after toiling in Jozi for almost a decade. The band has recorded a song for the 2010 World Cup and will, presumably, be around at the time, so let's start clapping before we lose them again.
Bafana Bafana Bafana Bafana
Draws against Japan might be encouraging, but we are all painfully aware - particularly now as the African Cup of Nations goes on without us - that our place at the World Cup is a stroke of good fortune. But as South Korea proved by getting to the semi finals in 2002, host nations can be inspired to achieve well beyond their means. A new coach, who is also the old coach, and a million or so vuvuzelas will help.
Jacob Zuma Jacob Zuma
When he came to power the general feeling was one of disease and uncertainty, but Jay Zee has surprised his critics if not entirely silenced them. This year, with the noise of inauguration and associated controversy mainly behind him, Zuma will be asked to capitalise on his solid start. Can he divert any potential disasters and ensure a safe environment for fans, media and players for the World Cup? Emergence from this unscathed will be a huge accomplishment.
Arno Carstens Arno Carstens
The former Nude Girl has put out two solo albums since leaving the punk rock outfit, which together sold more than all five of the SNG records combined. Now, with a reported £1 million budget and a newly penned deal with Sony BMG at his back, Carstens will launch solo effort number three in the UK this March. He's tried and failed to crack the UK nut before, but never with so much support from across the pond. This could well be his year.
Sharlto Copely Sharlto Copely
His story is the sort that turns local actors green with envy, but luck notwithstanding, Sharlto Copely got his chance in District 9 and took it with both hands (one human, one mutant). Now he's been cast as H.M. Murdoch in the movie adaptation of the A-Team alongside Liam Neeson, Woody Harrelson and Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, whoever that is.