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ExtraVirgin April 2010
Soccer City

Environment As if designing the masterpiece that is the new Soccer City stadium in Soweto wasn't enough, architecture
firm Boogertman + Partners have come up with an ingenious way to flaunt the magnificent stadium in all
its glory.

To check it out, all you'll need is a printer and a computer with a webcam.

You can view the tutorial by clicking on this link or follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Visit and print the marker from the links in the top menu.
  • Step 2: Click ‘allow’ to allow the website access to your webcam.
  • Step 3: Once loaded find ‘Click here to see soccer City – like you’ve never seen it’
  • Step 4: Hold your printed marker up to the website to see Soccer City magically appear in your hands.

Boogertman + Partners were ranked the top architecture firm in South Africa 2008 by the World Architecture Magazine. The design of the stadium was selected from a series of concept designs.

The calabash, or African pot, was selected as being the most recognisable object to represent what would automatically be associated with the African continent and not any other.