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Extra Virgin -  December 2010
Editor - Miranda Sherry
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It's the silly season…

All around the country, parking lots clog as mall-madness takes over, and pale, dough-y tummies are anxiously pinched above the waistband of last-year's swimming togs. In short, it's a season of high-octane stress.

But hang on a minute, surely we should be winding down, not getting revved up over last minute gift shopping and impending family-do's?

Our advice? Stop pinching, stop stressing, sing rude songs (in your head only, please) when battling the shopping crowds, and get ready to give yourself a much-needed break.

It's also time to give your wallet a time-out, which is why we've loaded up on more loyalty partners on our website to ensure that you save money on glorious goodies like MSC Starlight Cruises, Camelot Spas, Virgin Mobile deals, Netgifts, Altech Netstar, Kauai and many more. Keep updated on our latest great deals on our Twitter feed and Facebook page.

In this month's issue you can also read what our latest Virgin Money winner, Darren Bergman, had to say about his Rugby World Cup experience in New Zealand, and get inspired by Saul, who is running for the Children of Fire charity in the Virgin London Marathon.

In short, enjoy our latest edition, and have a wonderful silly season!

Happy reading.


Totally blown away
Feature Judging by the generosity of MasterCard, Absa and Virgin Money in the lead up to the World Cup Rugby I had high expectations as I thought if this was how incredible the journey had been so far can you imagine the spread that would be put out for us on the journey.
Well as predicted I was totally blown away!

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Don't leave home without it
Feature Hooray, its holiday time again! Remember, whether you are going overseas, heading to the coast or just visiting family and friends around the corner, take your Virgin Money Credit Card with you and enjoy these great benefits that will hopefully make your well-deserved break even more rewarding.

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See Saul run!

Saul Sassoon, Virgin Money head office's head of finance will be running the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 22 April 2012. Saul has been with VMSA since March 2009 and this will be the first time he will compete in this prestigious event.

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See Saul run!

Home is where the heart is – and it's also where you keep all your stuff. But what if someone was to make off with your new flat screen TV? Would you be prepared?

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