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Extra Virgin -  July 2011

Keep your Home Contents Safe

The global weather does appear to be taking a turn for the worse – and even though South Africa has escaped the hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis that come with climate change unscathed so far, you never can be too careful.

Expect the unexpected

Floods, fires and other natural phenomena do occur and it’s vital that homeowners make sure that their household insurance covers both the property and its contents fully to make sure that they’re prepared should disaster strike.

Here are a few tips to keep your home safe:

  • Revisit your policies annually to ensure that your property continues to be adequately insured. Insurance companies regard it as the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that they have the correct amount of cover in place.
  • Insured your home for the replacement value – not market value. The easiest way to achieve a replacement value is by measuring the square meterage of the home and then consulting a local builder who can tell you how much it currently costs to build a property. Improvements such as swimming pools and air conditioners must be taken into consideration. Generally speaking, owners should take these costs and add an additional 15% to that amount to cover the replacement value.
  • Make sure your insurance protects you against every eventuality – including fire, flooding, lightning strikes and ground movement.

Although it is human nature not to want to think of the worst-case scenario, unfortunately, when it comes to insurance, this is exactly what homeowners have to do. Dealing with the catastrophic loss of a home can be, and often is, overwhelming. Finding out the insurance you have in place will not cover the loss of replacing your home can be even more so.

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