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Extra Virgin -  July 2011

Make sure your portable possessions are covered

FeatureCellphones, laptops, cameras, iPods, iPads, sunglasses, jewellery – all that expensive stuff that makes life easy, keeps us connected or simply makes us look cool. But what if your bag gets snatched while you’re walking down the street? Or you hastily whip that new iPhone out of your pocket, only for it to sail unceremoniously into an open drain?

The loss or damage of one’s prized possessions can result in much wailing and gnashing of teeth – but not for the smart few who make sure that they’ve got Portable Possessions Cover. Replacing your favourite gizmo or fashion item is a long and expensive process… and nobody wants to have to fork out wads of cash because prices have gone up or settle for an inferior replacement item. With Portable Possessions Cover, items you carry with you every day are covered against loss or damage.

Do you really need Portable Possessions Cover? Well, yes. Unless you only buy knock-off sunglasses at the market, don’t own a laptop or have no qualms about replacing your jewellery out of your own pocket, that is.

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