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Extra Virgin -  August 2010
Editor - Miranda Sherry

Can you feel it? That sharp little bite in the morning air that wasn’t there a month ago?

Yup, it’s time to unearth your boots from the back of the cupboard where they’ve been collecting dust behind a pile of slip-slops, and to go on a hunt to find the piece of paper with the (unreasonably complicated) instructions on how to set the digital timer for the under-floor heating.

The approach of winter in SA is always accompanied by a bit of an ‘edge-of-your-seat’ feeling: with Eskom prices on the rise, how long before the amounts on our electricity bills start looking like telephone numbers?

Before you start pondering weird alternative ways to keep warm (gerbil powered generators are very maintenance intensive, believe me) take comfort in the fact that, as a nation, we saved 350 megawatts of power during Earth Hour in March - that’s enough to power the City of Bloemfontein for an entire day. Perhaps switching our lights off more often this winter will not only help save recourses, but make a difference to our wallets as well? It’s certainly worth a try.

Make sure you switch on your computer occasionally, however, because you’ll soon be able to warm up with the new, slick Virgin Money website currently on its way. We’re redesigning it with maximum ease-of-use in mind, so keep a close eye out; we’ll keep you updated on the impending launch.

There are also a few whispers on the wind about some exciting Insurance news, and a possible new card design...

Clearly, this updated, restyled Extraextra newsletter (which is now going to be making a cheerful quarterly appearance in your inbox, by the way) is just the start of new things to come. We’ve loaded it choc-a-block full of great deals and juicy offers just for you, so keep warm, keep reading, and enjoy.

Miranda Sherry


Finally, no excess on Auto-Insurance!
Make sure your home is properly insured

You’ve spent a lot of cash kitting out your home to meet your exact specifications and have made the right decision to protect all that time, money and effort with Insurance through Virgin Money. Now just make sure you keep it covered with these handy tips.

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With the weakening Rand, the 29c increase in the petrol price on May 4 and all the instability in Libya and the Middle East, it’s highly likely that we’re going to see fuel prices on the rise… But never fear! Here are a few tips to help you stay on the road without breaking the bank.

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ThinkMoney rates Virgin Money Credit Card as the most affordable credit Card in SA
Feature Congratulations on having the most affordable credit card in South Africa. But don’t take our word for it. Check it out on

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Win a chance to meet Gertrude, New Zealand’s most famous sheep.
Plus, a package for two to Rugby World Cup 2011, courtesy of MasterCard®.*

Feature Imagine this… spending time with a celebrity sheep in sunny New Zealand. Glorious, we know! Now, imagine going to Rugby World Cup 2011 semis and Final. Well, thanks to our friends at MasterCard® this is the amazing trip we’re giving away to one lucky Virgin Money MasterCard® holder and their partner. Rugby

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Feature At Virgin Money, we believe that you can never have too much security, which is why we’re introducing MasterCard SecureCode from 18 April 2011. This service allows you to set up your own password to prevent unauthorised use of your card when shopping online.

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Open up the World of Virgin
Richard Your Virgin Money credit card and insurance portfolio is your backstage pass to a world of benefits and sweet deals. You automatically become a member of our Virgin Money World where everyone is better off, the moment you become a Virgin Money customer and it is ABSOLUTELY free!

Whether it's an instant discount or bonafide freebie, we're dying to spoil you and so are our partners! And remember if you have a Virgin Money Credit Card or insurance policy, everyone is better off with these great deals.

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