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Extra Virgin -  August 2010

Finally, no excess on Motor-Insurance!

Make sure your home is properly insured

You’ve spent a lot of cash kitting out your home to meet your exact specifications and have made the right decision to protect all that time, money and effort with Insurance through Virgin Money. Now just make sure you keep it covered with these handy tips.

1. Keep your insurer up to date

That fancy new LED TV, couch and dining room table you bought since you last spoke to us won’t necessarily be covered if anything happens and you might have to replace them out of your own pocket. To prevent this, make sure that whenever you make a big purchase, you update your policy and increase the cover amount.

You can also make the claims process even easier by keeping a detailed record of your belongings – take photos, keep receipts and make a list of all your belongings and their values. This will also guarantee that you don’t end up spending too much on insurance every month.

2. Assumption is the mother of all disasters

Understand what you are covered for. For instance, if your home is in an area prone to flooding – take out extra cover against flooding! Do not assume that any coverage comes standard and look through your policy carefully to make sure that it is tailored to your needs. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re covered and having your claim declined…

With 18 786 residential robberies in the 2009/2010 period (a 1.6% increase since 2008/2009)*, there’s never been a better time to make sure that your home is properly insured.

* Based on the SAPS National Crime Situation Report

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