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Extra Virgin -  July 2011

Editor - Miranda Sherry

It's the time of year when a certain phenomenon occurs in office spaces all over the country: it's called 'wistful web wandering (www, for short), and its dangerous.

'Www' usually starts innocently enough: you take a little time out from the report you're supposed to finish by five to check out the cost of tickets to fly somewhere with a beach and no phone lines, and then before you know it, you've spent two hours surfing sites promising things like: 'relaxing getaway offer' and 'swimwear specials' and 'tips for staying safe in the sun.'

We may be hitting the home stretch, but after a year of stressful deadlines and heavy workloads, these last few months can be truly tough to get through. Lucky for you, though, we have a little something to make it easier…

How about a luxury tropical cruise to Mozambique?

Before you plunge into a 'www' session at the mere thought of such a thing, take a look below: we've partnered up with MSC Starlight Cruises to bring you the opportunity to win a cruise for two. There's nothing like a sun-soaked cruise up the coast to amp up your summer!

So stay strong and keep the 'wistful website wandering' to a minimum, because this issue is also packed with great giveaways and awesome deals for Virgin Money customers, which means more money in your pocket as the holidays draw closer. For the first time ever, we have a tailor-made deal from Virgin Mobile just for you, and there's something relaxing from Netgifts in there too.

Happy reading.