The last month of the year is always full of surprises, and it would only be fitting if we gave one to our customers too... As we've mentioned before (and you might have noticed) the Virgin Money logo has changed. A change is as good as a holiday, and we couldn't have timed it better to reveal the all new credit card makeover.

New Virgin Money Card designs

Zooming in on our new logo - Virgin is placed like a coin in the new circular holding device with a three dimensional, high-tech modern feel, symbolizing the world of money. The supporting visual language incorporates this graphic circle in a myriad different ways – over an image, used as a framework for a headline and message, or versatile circular backgrounds that make use of transparent lenses and gradients.

The abstract photographic background that dominates the card was inspired by the idea of coins at the bottom of a wishing well – as seen from the top through the water. This concept reinforces the idea of money as coins on a subconscious level. It also provides a contemporary circular background in keeping with the new Virgin Money logo and identity as well as the Virgin values – smart disruption, delightfully surprising and red hot.

You now have a contemporary credit card looking very different from your other cards in your wallet.

Wishing you safe swiping over the spending season!