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The holidays are here again and we all want to make the most of it but also want to spend responsibly. Did you know your credit card can be an excellent travel companion this festive season?

Save on transaction fees

Your card could be getting quite a work out this season whether you are “fuelling” up or paying at any till point you can use your Virgin Money Credit Card as many times as you want knowing you pay no transaction fees... nothing, nada.

Check out our rewards

Another tip is to look at our rewards page there are always fun savings and discounts on offer especially for you. 10% discount here a little more there it all adds up and puts money back into your pocket.

Cover yourself

Purchasing your ticket for that overseas trip will get you free basic travel insurance giving you peace of mind that you will be taken care of when you are far from home. For more on this benefit, click here.

Monitor your spending

At the end of it all a consolidated view of your transactions in the form of your eco friendly statement will help you see if you have kept to that budget you promised you would stick to.

So be money wise this festive season and if you are not sure about your spending power call us to see if you qualify for an increase.