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You do not have to change your spending in order to leverage the benefits on your Credit Card!

In times of rising costs, it is important to ensure that our choice of transactional products are cost effective, convenient, easy to use and have added benefits for which you don't have to pay additional fees.

Credit cards do offer a number of benefits, and when managed responsibly, your credit card is a positive step in ensuring you build a robust and positive credit history.

Virgin Money Credit Cards offer you so much - no transaction fees, up to 55 days interest free on purchases, free basic Travel Insurance when you purchase your flights with your credit card. Credit cards are also widely accepted internationally and locally.

They can be used when paying for fuel, which is so much easier and safer than having to carry to cash around.

Our everyday lives have become fast paced, and there is always something to do. Following a few simple steps will save you time as well as keep you informed and in control:

  • Load recurring debit orders. Make your life easier and ensure that all your payments are made on time by loading debit orders.
  • Marketing consent is vital. This ensures that your bank can make contact with you and inform you of exciting new offers.
  • Notify Me SMS's. Ensure that you receive SMS's relating to deposits and payments made to your account. This will ensure you stay in control should any fraudulent transaction take place, you can contact your bank and notify them immediately. Fees apply.
  • Go green and move to e-statements. Receiving your statement electronically gives you the ability to save your statements on your PC.

Oops, what's that? You don't have a Virgin Money Credit Card? Don't stress - simply call us on 0861 822 273 to apply.