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Become a part of the Virgin Mobile family and get a basic online course from Shaw Academy for FREE.

Shaw Academy offer the highest quality, practical and transparent education to everyone. Get the knowledge and skills needed to develop in any area and learn with the help of live lessons, as well as fully interactive bonus Q & A sessions.

1. Who is the basic course for?
Any Virgin Mobile customer that wants to build their skill sets and advance their careers.

2. How do I qualify?
Qualifying customers will receive an SMS from Virgin Mobile informing them that they qualify for a FREE basic course. You can also dial *100*50# to see if you qualify.
  • As an existing or new Contract customer you automatically qualify for a FREE online course.
  • New and existing Prepaid Customers need to recharge with a minimum of more R20 or more to qualify.

Course information:

1. What courses are available?
There are 19 courses to choose from and a further 65 new courses to launch this 2016.

2. How much do I have to pay?
  • Nothing, zero, nil- as long as you’re a Virgin Mobile contract customer and you’ve recharged with R20 or more on prepaid, then you get the course for FREE.
  • Any data used during the live sessions and/or Q&A sessions is for your own account.
  • There is a fee for the exam and course certificate for your own account.

3. What is the estimated value of the course?
A course is valued at anything between R4000 and R7000 depending on your chosen course.

4. How long is the Basic course valid for?
  • You can select to do 1 basic course for as long as you’re a Virgin Mobile customer.
  • Basic courses last up to 1 month and there are 10 live lessons per course.
  • Courses begin on the first Monday of every month.

5. Do I get a certificate after I’ve completed a Basic course?
Yes, there is a small fee to do the basic course exam and the fee includes delivery of your certificate. This cost is for your own account and not included in the Virgin Mobile value added service.

Please click here for more questions on the course outline.

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