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If you're already receiving your monthly statements via e-mail and reducing the clutter created by paper statements, here's a sincere “Thanks!” from all of us at the Virgin Money team. You’re already contributing to saving paper, and consequently, the planet.

If you’re not receiving your Virgin Money Credit Card statement electronically, and it’s still being sent to you via the post, you may want to make a change.

Why? Well, eStatements are perfect if you want to save time, money and the environment. You will receive your electronic statement directly in your e-mail inbox, which reduces paper wastage. You can file your statements on your computer and access them anywhere, anytime. As easy as that! And to make things easier for you, all your statements can be securely stored in one place.

Your eStatement is free, looks exactly like the statements you’re used to receiving by post and are delivered much quicker since there is no postage required. eStatements are also more secure than paper statements since they are password protected.

Still not convinced? eStatements are the right choice for you if...
  • you want to receive your statements quicker than you would via the traditional post
  • you would like to be able to save your bank statements in one, easy-to-access location on a computer
  • you would like to contribute to a paperless society in the interests of saving the environment

Make your 'green' mark today… phone us on the Virgin Money Credit Card line on 0861 822 273.

Let’s all do our bit for the environment.
Switch to eStatements today.