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“The ocean is probably the biggest business in the world. It provides half the oxygen we breathe, it has absorbed a quarter of our CO2 emissions, it supports the livelihoods of more than 3 billion people and puts food on our plates, but it is under threat.”

This very powerful statement from Ocean Unite rings true also for us at the southernmost tip of Africa, especially in the severe drought cycle we are currently experiencing.

We are collectively responsible to look after our most precious resource – water. Appreciate the fact that water is not a limitless resource – it is vital for human survival. By teaching our children to use water in resourceful ways, we will be able to save and enjoy it for generations to come.

Here are some tips on how to save water.

  • Recycle grey water for use in the garden or to flush toilets
  • Run dishwasher only when it’s full
  • Close the tap when brushing teeth and rinse vegetables in a bowl of water
  • Choose a quick shower instead of a bath
  • Use mulching in the garden and only water when it is cooler

We all know what to do, and sometimes we all think “let someone else do it”.
Consider the environment.
And let us all start somewhere small to collectively make a big difference.

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